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How To Refinance
These days it makes sense to refinance to get a lower rate. Learn how to refinance and lower your monthly mortgage, or credit cards debt and lock in a low rate.

Personal Finance Line is not a lender or broker. We are dedicated to helping shoppers find the best in refinancing on the web, capitalizing on the Internet to deliver unique services to the online consumer.


It used to be that you shouldn't refinance unless you were getting at least 2% points lower than you're current interest rate. For example from a 8% rate to a 6% rate. But today what really matters the most is how long you plan on staying in your home or how long it would take to break even.

How To Refinance To Lower Your Credit Card Debt
Refinancing to lower your credit card debt is a step in the right direction. Refinance rates are always going to be lower than your credit card interest rate so it makes a lot of sense to refinance and pay off those high interest credit card debts. Who wants to be paying 18%-23% on a credit card. The only ones making money is the credit card company.

You can try to call your credit card company and ask if they would lower your interest rate, but research shows that many credit card companies will not lower it. They always come up with some excuse on why they cannot lower your interest rate. Therefore it makes sense to refinance your current mortgage and pay off those credit cards with high interest rates.

There are a lot of refinance programs on how to refinance to lower your debt. You can search online for refinancing companies, ask your local bank or even ask your friends, chances are you probably already know someone that has recently refinanced, or your friends may know someone that recently refinanced.

Just be very careful, there are a lot of companies that will take advantage of your situation. Make sure you consult with a mortgage attorney before you sign any mortgage papers.

You have nothing to loose except those high interest rates.

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